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The First Deployment System is designed for customers who need a white light system for their shelter requirements.

The FD9 is built to the same standard as the MFlex system adhering to DoDs SWaP-C initiative. This system is also capable of using NATO approved batteries.

The First Deployment System (FD9) uses the same advanced design used in the MFlex Light System (MLS) allowing for rapid installation. Once the light is deployed in its environment it does not need to be removed. The FD9 includes a Power Supply and a Main Control Box with illuminating display ensuring the user to set and accurately maintain optimum lighting. The FD9 significantly reduces shadowing compared with tube and pedant type fixtures.

  • Single point of contact for easy operations

  • Modular/ redundant construction insures continuous lighting operations

  • MFlex Lights are rated at > 50, 000 hours

  • Redundant power, operates of off AC, DC and or slaved to a vehicle

  • Reduce shadowing.   

  • Reduced operational SWAP-C, (Once deployed, MFlex remains embedded for both storage and tactical operations)

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