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Frontline Lighting announces its X27 Humanitarian Partner Program

Speaking from Sydney Australia, Frontline Lighting’s International Sales Director Peter Simons today announced the launch of Frontlines X27 Humanitarian Partner Program. The program is designed to provide lighting to areas who desperately need lighting to improve the lives of the people, particularly women and children living in those areas. While specifically designed for Humanitarian needs, the program can also assist in improving the lighting conditions of people living in third world countries.

In introducing the program Peter Simons noted the numerous reports from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees which state the number one concern for people living in refugee camps was the lack of lighting at night time. This lack of lighting promoted significant violence towards women and children. Even when lighting is available it is of such poor quality or in poor operating condition that it makes little difference.

Simons said “ the questions of poor quality and operating condition are addressed by Frontlines X27 lighting product which was developed using much of the technology, including the lighting flex from Frontline’s MFLex military lighting. Taking a military tested product and adapting it for humanitarian and third world needs just made so much sense given the prevailing conditions in those locatiions which can be very challenging”

Simons went on to say “ with the partner program, individuals or organisations who want to help can work directly with Frontline and the recipient to devise the most effective solution for the lighting needs for those who require assistance. We are pleased that two groups have come forward already to work with us on projects in Namibia and Fiji.”

If you would like to learn more about the X27 Humanitarian Partner Program please contact;

Peter Simons at. or one of the contact points listed on our website

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