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Frontline Lighting LLC and Developing World Technologies Pty Ltd announce partnership.

A strategic partnership between industry leading Frontline Lighting LLC, (Frontline) and Developing World Technologies Pty Ltd (DWT) has been signed today to provide robust LED lighting focused on the world’s humanitarian and refugee needs. Frontline and DWT have entered into this partnership to deliver lighting solutions to serve the world’s urgent humanitarian and refugee requirements, both for on and off grid applications.

Frontline Lighting is a US based company at the forefront of developing, producing and supplying robust lighting solutions to be used in rapid deployment situations for varied applications for both the military and humanitarian requirements. These systems are able to be deployed and installed in an expedient time frame in a crisis or emergency situation and are also suitable for long term installation and use in camps or villages.

DWT Is an Australian based company aligned with both the United Nations Global Compact and the UN supported, Global Off Grid Lighting Association, (GOGLA). DWT aims to provide lighting to help eradicate extreme poverty and provide a safer and healthier environment for the 840 million people living off grid as well as for those living in refugee camps, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

Peter Simons, International Marketing Director of Frontline Lighting stated, “the agreement was a natural extension of the success their MFLEX products have enjoyed with the US Military and other militaries around the world.”

Neil Frost, CEO of DWT said that, “he has been very impressed by the Frontline products and could see immediate global opportunities particularly given the stringent US Military testing protocols. With the assistance and co-operation of Frontline we look forward to working with The United Nations, GOGLA, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, (UNHCR) and their partners to provide the MFlex Lighting System to achieve these goals for a healthier safe environment for the betterment of living conditions for all. MFlex Lighting will provide an aid to learning for children who currently use kerosene lighting which has many negative health and safety problems. It will also assist for safer illuminated areas to help combat violence and attacks particularly on women in these areas and camps. MFlex lighting is a safe robust and easy to install system which is ideally suited to these environments.

Together the Companies believe that their endeavours will assist to create a better world for all.

For more information please contact:

Frontline Lighting LLC;, Peter Simons; +61 419-209-108

Developing World Technologies Pty Ltd;;

Neil Frost, + 61 412-715-888

Frontline Lighting was established by a team of US engineers to provide transformational lighting solutions to the Military’s tactical lighting requirements. Legacy lighting used by the military was an adaption of commercial lighting, as such the deployment of these lights require space to stow, hang and transport, personnel and time to set up and tear down and AC power to operate. In contrast, Frontline’s mission was to provide a lighting system that once deployed required zero interaction except to turn on!

Frontline worked with the US Army NATCIK Soldier Systems Centre to better understand the gaps and mission requirements for tactical lighting. With their support, and over three years of development, Frontline Lighting successfully produced the militaries next generation tactical light, the “MFlex Lighting System.”

Developing World Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 2015. The four founders of DWT all have a belief and desire to positively affect the lives of people living or existing off the grid through either birth place or being forcibly displaced. In 2016 DWT was invited to participate in the UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit in New York. At this summit they were a signatory to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world and help create a safer existence for all.

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