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Frontline Lighting LLC announces partnership with Two In One

Darrell Marroncelli, the Chief Operating Officer for US based Frontline Lighting LLC today announced that Two in One Manufacturing which is based in New Hampshire has been selected to produce and assemble Frontline Lighting’s FD9 and X27 soft shelter products.

This expands the partnership between the two companies which started with the MFlex lighting product for tents. Vice President and CEO of Two in One Manufacturing Lee Nguyen said, “ We are thrilled to work with Frontline on these two new products. Frontline is not only a customer, but also a valued partner. Our goal is not to simply manufacture but also to provide the highest quality and where possible improve our customers products.

Commenting on the move Darrell Marroncelli said “Two in One Manufacturing industry certifications and capabilities made them the ideal partner for our company which is focused on bringing innovation to the military lighting market.”

The FD9 and X27 products will be released in the 4th quarter of this year.

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