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Frontline Lighting LLC participates in Command Post Survivability and Mobility Demonstration.

On the 29th of April Frontline conducted a technology demonstration of its MFlex Lighting System at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds to demonstrate how embedded technologies enhance command post operations.

The demonstration was conducted in association with the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM).

The purpose of the demonstration was to deploy a fully mission capable command post within 30 minutes. For the purposes of the demonstration a HDT Global inflatable 2220 AirBeam Shelter was chosen together with the MFlex lighting system already imbedded in the shelter.

The demonstration started with the AirBeam shelter rolled into its transportation configuration. The shelter was then unfurled and inflated. Once inflation was completed the embedded/ in position MFlex lighting system was connected to a generators AC power with whole process taking nine minutes from the start to the shelter and the lights being fully operational.

Commenting on the speed of the deployment Frontline’s CEO Patrick Maloney said that the focus of the company was to provide a lighting product that could be easily deployed within minutes. The trial undertaking at the Aberdeen Proving Ground was further proof of this happening.

Frontline lighting LLC is a US based company dedicated to bringing innovative lighting solutions to the military.

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