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MFlex Outperforms

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The MFlex Lighting System (MLS) is a patented, Solid State Lighting (SSL) system designed to improve lighting quality in shelters. Frontline Lighting designed the system, to mitigate direct and reflected glare which creates shadowing and the “dazzle effect” that comes with overly bright lighting.

The MLS is a paradigm shift away from traditional military legacy lighting. This lighting consists of individual 3ft LED/fluorescent lights that require AC power, shipping containers and heavy cabling. When one of these lights fail after deployment, they’re either replaced by another light or there is no light in that location. Additionally, legacy lighting is totally dependent un on AC power, without a generator or when a generator is down so are the lights.

The MLS was specifically designed to breach the operational gaps between legacy lighting and actual Operational Requirements To accomplish this, Frontline Lighting developed and has implemented the following technologies:

  • Adaptable Flexible light strips (operational redundancy is built into the strips)

  • Flexible Light Strips (Flex Strips) contain 80 LEDs per foot or approximately 240 LED's per meter.

  • Flexible Strips are designed to be cut and spliced to support unique operational requirements

  • Flexible Strips are built to IP 67 standards

  • Multi track power system is built into the Flexible Strips to ensure that no single or compilation of multiple failures will prevent to MLS from executing its operational requirements.

  • The MLS Light System is designed to be powered by whatever power source is available, AC, DC or Slaved to a vehicle.

  • Single point of contact, once the MLS is installed all power, dimming and illumination (white/blackout/red) operations are executed from the embedded control box.

  • Negative SWAP, once the MLS is installed, there is no external storage and or transportation requirement, the system is stored in and travels embedded in the shelter.

Installation: Flex Strips come pre-hung and are easily attached to shelter ribbing. To meet the unique operational requirements of each shelter, the MLS is equipped with adjustable stabilization clips and hanging straps

Light color: White Light, Blackout and Red.

Flex Lighting: The MFlex Lighting System is comprised of two 36ft Light Strips; one white and one for blackout operations. Additional Light Strips are available to extend lighting to a range out to 88ft. Standard light ribbons strips lengths for purchase include 10, 20, 30, 39, 49 and 59 feet, however custom lengths are available.

Initial Cost: The Mflex Lighting System provides a cost effective, flexible solution to our military’s shelter illumination requirements.

Maintenance: The MFlex Light System does not require maintenance, however the Light Strips can be cleaned with a soft cloth when required.

Life Cycle Cost: MFlex Light Strips are rated at greater than 50,000 hours, the multi-track power system extends the operational capability of the lights.

Versatility: Designed to operates with either shore power or NATO approved BB-2590 battery, or slaved to a military vehicle (Batteries and cables sold separately). Embedded dual USB ports provide a source for warfighters to charge their DC devices.

Adaptability: The flexible MFlex lighting design enables the operator to decide how best to distribute their lighting.

Size and Weight: Compact design in accordance with the DoDs SWaP-C directive with a shipping weight of 15 pounds.

Installation: The MFlex Lighting System comes pre-hung and installs in minutes. After installation the System can remain stowed in the shelter.

TAA / Berry Amendment Compliant

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