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SWaP-C Improvements

The first thing you will notice about the MFlex Light System is the size, weight and ease of handling when compared to current light systems used in soft sided shelters. With a total weight of 15 pounds (7 kilos) the system comes in one bag and is capable of supplying sufficient light to a large size shelter. Additional bags can provide light to larger shelters. Current legacy light systems have a significantly larger footprint, requiring multiple boxes or containers weighing over 100 pounds for a single shelter.

This advantage extends to the shipment of the lights to the deployment area with transportation space not compromised by bulky boxes taking significantly more space.

When you are in the deployment area the MFlex Light System can be set up in a fraction of the time thus reducing the man-hours required to install the soft shelter lighting. The saved man-hours can be used by the unit commanders to carry out other critical tasks. In commands requiring many shelters to be erected this could amount to hundreds of hours.

The unique SWaP- C feature of the MFlex Light System is its ability to stay installed in position when the shelter is struck. This means the lights do not need to be removed and they can stay in position when the tent is packed up. When the next deployment takes place the MFlex Light System is already in position. This saves a considerable number of man-hours and adds to the value of your investment when you own the system.

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