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X27: Aluminium Refinery Trial

7th February 2022. Darrell Marroncelli Frontline lighting’s Chief Operating Officer today annou

nced that the companies X27 lighting product would be trialled in the city of Gladstone, Queensland, Australia in an Aluminium Refinery. Commenting on the opportunity Marroncelli said Frontline’s Australian partner had organised the trial after seeing the challenges the repair crews were having setting up lighting in the tanks being repaired. These tanks are up to 100 feet high and require scaffolding and stairs to be sent up internally to allow the repair crews to work. Safety is a major concern and quality lighting is an important part of the safety plan.

In application the X27’s flex is easily wrapped around the scaffolding and stair handrails providing illumination at every level in the tank. The lightweight power control is also a huge help, as previous controllers have weighed as much as forty pounds making it difficult to

transport between the levels.

Marroncelli believes the X27 will be used in many other applications in the repair and construction industries particularly where a robust, easily deployable light is required.

If you would like to know more about the X27 please visit the products page on our website.

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