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Frontline lighting’s X27 system resulted from the development of Frontline Lightings military tent lighting product, Mflex, which is now used by the US Army and the UK and Dutch military. MFlex was developed in cooperation with the US Army Soldier Research Centre to be a robust, lightweight and easily installed system that changes how lighting is used in a variety of difficult environments. The X27 incorporated many of the features of MFlex with the unique capability of providing lighting up to 80 feet / 24 meters from one lightweight control box with little to no drop off in light output.

  • Single point of contact for easy operations

  • Modular/ redundant construction insures continuous lighting operations

  • MFlex Lights are rated at > 50, 000 hours

  • Reduce shadowing.   

The features of the X27, being lightweight, robust and adaptable to challenging environments make it suitable to be used in the following applications:

  • Emergency and first response

  • Repair services

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Humanitarian camps

  • Many other applications 

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