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750 MFlex units delivered

8th November 2021. Butler PA. Frontline Lighting CEO Patrick Maloney today announced the delivery of Frontline’s 750th new generation MFlex lighting system. In making the announcement Patrick Maloney stated, “ this number of units is a complete validation of our technology, and its ability to meet the mission of providing a lighting system that once deployed requires zero interaction from the war fighter. With this many units in the field operating under all types of conditions and subjected to different environments, MFlex has met the challenge. It is personally gratifying to provide a product that decreases the work load for today’s war fighter”

The first units of the Mflex lighting system have been operating for over two years, with many military units placing additional orders. In that time Frontline has continued to listen to the needs of war fighters and has been proactive in making enhancements to meet their needs.

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