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Frontline Lighting conducts light testing of it ‘s military MFlex system.

Frontline lighting recently concluded light testing of its patented MFlex light system in its manufacturing partners facility in Nashua USA.

The tests were conducted in a room set up to test light illumination. The test room has 196 light registration points in an area the size of a 14’ x 14” soft sided shelter.

The MFlex system was compared to tube-based LED lighting systems with the same number of LED tubes that would be deployed in a soft sided shelter the size of the test room. The equivalent amount of MFlex light was also tested.

Of the 196 light registration points MFlex exceeded LED tube lighting in 152 of them. The average LUX reading for MFlex was 178 and for the LED tube light 99 which is an increase of 44% making MFlex considerably brighter than LED tube lighting.

Figure 1 Area Coverage for MFlex (Orange and Gray areas indicates where the light fixture meets the requirement at maximum brightness)

MFlex incorporating 240 LEDs per three feet (1 meter) provides smooth, even light without glare, hotspots, or shadows due to its patented design. In addition, it weighs less than 12 lbs (6 kilos) and can be left in position when the shelter is dismantled. In field repairs or extension of the length of MFlex can be carried out “on the fly” using a simple splice kit.

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