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CRADA Extension in the US

November 15th 2021. Frontline Lighting LLC today announced one of its partner companies, Phosfect USA has through its parent company Southern Cross Printed Electronics (SPE) extended its Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center ( DEVCOM Soldier Center). The agreement will now run through to September 2024.The agreement was originally granted in 2016 and since its inception has resulted in the development of the MFlex, FD 9 and X27 lighting systems. These systems have been supported by a number of Frontline’s auxiliary systems such as the patent pending Cut and Splice connectors. Currently Frontline is developing in conjunction with DEVCOM a power box which will enable our military lighting technologies to operate with a broad variety of power sources.

Commenting on the agreement, Frontline Lighting CEO Patrick Maloney said “the relationship between our company and DEVCOM has provided exactly the outcome we would have hoped for. DEVCOM provided us with a challenge and we delivered on the innovation and product they were seeking. This relationship continues and we expect over the life of the agreement to deliver with our Frontline partners, Phosfect USA and Inspired LED additional products that meet the challenges presented to us”

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