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NATO Units join the Light

Multiple NATO’s Army units, through word of mouth from experienced American military command, decided to conduct a trial of new lighting equipment provided by Frontline Lighting LLC called the MFlex light system. Through open channels now available on the Frontline website, the UK and Dutch mobile military command representatives discussed the specific needs of their units and the availability of the MFlex system. Frontline’s technology was ready to meet these needs and multiple systems were provided for immediate trial.

This new lighting system, which is inherently flexible and versatile by nature, was also found to have a multitude of further benefits including the ability for the entire lighting system to remain inside the soft shelter structure when being stored, moved and redeployed. Command found by reducing the overall setup time and providing a light source immediately allowed an increase in available resources to allocate to other mission critical areas. These UK and Dutch mobile army units found the white and blackout lighting to be a perfect solution to otherwise ongoing problems when compared with traditional lighting methods such as misuse, damage during transit and the delayed provision of light.

After having observed and experiencing the benefits and features of the MFlex system, these divisions have fully embraced and taken advantage the new technology. The UK and Dutch mobile ARMY units have ordered additional systems and incorporated the equipment into the catalogue of fully certified lighting solutions available to support their missions.

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