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The MFlex Light System provides optimum lighting for shelters with White, Blackout and Red lighting options. The light system comes pre-hung and installs quickly. The total system weighs 15lbs adhering to the DoDs SWaP-C initiative.

The MFlex lighting System is a patented*, adaptable, Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology, developed in support of the: “Enable the Army’s to Fight Tonight” philosophy.  Frontline designed the adaptable MFlex Lighting system, to enhance tactical lighting capabilities:

  • Single point of contact for easy operations

  • Modular/ redundant construction insures continuous lighting operations

  • MFlex Lights are rated at > 50, 000 hours

  • Redundant power, operates of off AC, DC and/or attached to a vehicle

  • Reduce shadowing.   

  • Reduced operational SWAP-C, (Once deployed, MFlex remains embedded for both storage and tactical operations)

Patent #: US 11,644,161 B2 - Granted to Frontline Lighting LLC Butler PA

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