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The TALIS (Tactical Lighting System) is a patented lighting system which addresses the Warfighters requirements for SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) flexibility and ease of operation. Unlike any other lighting system in the market today, TALIS will positively impact your deployment times.

Equipped with a user-friendly toggle switch, the TALIS seamlessly transitions between white and blackout lighting, allowing users to fine-tune brightness using the convenient dimmer control. Our patented Single Strand integrates white and blackout lighting into a single string and is built to IP67 standards ensuring durability and reliability. The TALIS was designed to operate even if a section becomes damaged. Power will flow through the light bypassing the damaged section.


The TALIS is Berry-Amendment compliant and manufactured in the USA. It is an excellent, bright solution for new shelter lighting or a perfect replacement for existing LED or fluorescent lighting systems. TALIS is a lighting product that meets your demanding needs. 

• Reduced Size, Weight, Power and Cost (Improved SWaP-C)

• Integrated white and blackout lighting into 1 single strand of light

• Patented lighting designed to operate if a section becomes damaged

• Flexibility allows implementaion of light where needed

• Replacement or upgrade for existing LED or fluorescent lighting

• Comes pre-installed with hangers making installation easy

• Even light distribution without bright spots 

• Brighter than competitive light systems

• Low thermal signature

• Manufactured in the USA

• For medical applications, our blackout wavelength provides medical personnel an ability to distinguish between blood and other bodily fluids in blackout conditions

• Operates via a standard BB-2590/U battery

(With optional Frontline Battery Cable)

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